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W3W Space x Sinofy - Partnership

Web3 Women Space is excited to partner with SINOFY to bridge the gap.

Women tech-entrepreneurs face multiple challenges when it comes to accessing the capital and resources necessary to grow their businesses, in the emerging WEB3 industry, in caucasian region in particular.

To address this issue, aWomen-Led WEB 3 centric Community Women Space has partnered with SINOFY venture capital firm to support and empower female entrepreneurs in the region.

The partnership brings together Web3 Women Space which is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering women’s leadership and entrepreneurship with an emphasis on WEB 3, and SINOFY a venture capital firm focused on supporting early-stage startups in WEB 3.

Together, they aim to provide women entrepreneurs with the resources, network, and guidance they need to succeed at early stages

“We are thrilled to partner with SINOFY to help our evolving community of female tech entrepreneurs access the capital and resources they need to grow their businesses,” said Founder of Women Space, Maria Voskanyan.

“By combining our strengths and resources, we can provide a comprehensive support system that will help women entrepreneurs thrive.”

Through the partnership, SINOFY will offer mentorship and networking opportunities to women entrepreneurs within its network. The firm will also provide potential assistance in funding to women-led WEB 3 startups and help with mentorship, both online and offline.

According to SINOFY`s Amirsan Roberto “I remember meeting Maria and seeing a leader with a capital L, her persona, charisma, ability to handle pressure, hard conversations, entrepreneurial experience and natural leadership simply allowed us to identify potential in Georgia and Caucasian region overall”

“By partnering with Web 3 Women space, we can help break down the barriers that prevent women tech-entrepreneurs from accessing the resources they need to succeed.

The partnership has already yielded positive results, Maria has become an official team member of Offchain Global, a Georgian Chapter as a head of Brand management, connecting local community to global fabric of WEB 3 via Offchain Global.

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