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Vivel Network - Immersive experiences to connect entrepreneurs, brands and creators

Vivel Network - Immersive experiences to connect entrepreneurs, brands and creators. ✨

On May 23-27 The founder of Web3 Women Space - Maria Voskanyan had the absolute blast attending the mind-blowing Vivel Network conference. It was like stepping into a parallel universe where remote work, web3, transformative experiences, and music collided in the most epic way possible.Surrounded by an incredible bunch of passionate professionals with a fire in their eyes, all driven to shake things up and share their wisdom.

Picture this: 90 digital nomads from diverse industries like marketing, photo/video production, creative fields, web3 enthusiasts, life coaches, and musicians coming together to create a vibe that was simply out of this world. From jaw-dropping sunrises 🌄 in Cappadocia to mind-expanding conferences with killer views of the Kayseri mountains 🗻 , every moment was a feast for the senses.

But let's not forget the real magic of Vivel Network – the PEOPLE. The networking and connections made were worth their weight in gold. It was like being part of an exclusive club

where collaboration and inspiration flowed freely.

Special thanks to ✨Mine (Kocadag) Dedekoca and Lars Willemse for putting it all together!

We are already counting down the days until the next mind-altering experience at Vivel!

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