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Investors & Founders Private Club by DeGameFi

On February 24 the founder of Web3 Women Space - Maria Voskanyan attended a Private Club Meet-up organized by DeGameFi, the first Georgian Web3 community, on February 24th. It was a great networking event that brought together some of the brightest minds in the Web3 space in Georgia - founders, investors, and other professionals.

Was inspiring to connect with people who are making a positive impact in the tech industry, including Nino Lortkipanidze the Ambassador of WOMEN IN TECH - Global Movement in Georgia, Elena Nova the Marketing Advisor focused on Blockchain Technology, Eralp Hatipoglu the Co-Founder of - the start-up company that leads Georgian crypto environment development.

If you're into Web3 and want to learn more, we highly recommend checking out future events organized by DeGameFi. It's a great way to feel the energy and drive of the Web3 community firsthand.

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