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Elevating Trust and Loyalty in the Web3 Space - FemInno Conference

🚀 Innovation knows no Gender, let’s Build, Create and Inspire.

July has been a monumental month for me as I took a significant leap forward in establishing my role as a tech thought leader. Maria Voskanyan, the Founder of Web3 Women Space was invited to be a speaker at the esteemed FemInno Armenia 2023 Conference – the largest female innovation gathering in the region. This event celebrates and empoweres women in the realms of business, science, and technology.

During the conference, Maria had the privilege to share insights on a topic: Elevating Trust and Loyalty in the Web3 Space. As the founder of Web3 Women Space, and Communication Lead of Women in Tech®Georgia, she delved into the crucial aspects of building trust and fostering loyalty within the Web3 Ecosystem.

Sharing the stage with inspiring leaders and visionaries including Anna Bruno, Tania Doub, Karén Gyulbudaghyan, Rev Lebaredian, Michelle N. Moore, MBA, Ainura Sagyn, Petya Kamburova, Ema Patki, Vera L. B. Grablechner, MA (Distinction) and others was an absolute honor. Their diverse perspectives and insightful talks further emphasized the power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in shaping our collective future.

This experience underscores the importance of persistence – the small steps we take today lay the foundation for the remarkable progress we achieve tomorrow. As we strive to build, create, and inspire, let's remember that innovation knows no gender boundaries. Together, we're advancing towards a more inclusive, empowered, and vibrant tech ecosystem.

A heartfelt thank you to SEDA PAPOYAN and her incredible team for organizing this exceptional event, and to all who attended and engaged in these transformative discussions.

Here's to the exciting journey ahead as we continue making strides towards a brighter and more innovative and inclusive future. 🚀💡

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