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AMA session with Cyrator— Decoding the power of Research, powered by community for the community.

In the beginning, that was an Idea.

As you’d expect, it all started with an idea and challenge that connected like minded minds to ask one single question— where to find a single platform or gateway to learn expert opinion about a WEB 3 project, be it existing or upcoming ones?

Just like Google Reviews where users can leave reviews for businesses on Google Maps and Google Search, Yelp where users leave reviews about local businesses like restaurants, hotels, and services, TripAdvisor where users leave reviews travel-related businesses such as hotels, attractions, and restaurants, Amazon where customers can leave reviews for products they have purchased on Amazon.

There more we spoke about the idea of research, existing platforms like Coinmarketcap, Coingekko, reports developed by Massari,Andreessen Horowitz,McKinsey, BCG, Influencers opinion that is usually paid or some tweets on twitter that gave no substantial explanation, in other words, we failed to identify one single go to platform that could help newbies, or even well experienced industry players to learn what other fellow degens think about the project?

In other words, there was NONE.

Rarely an individual, and an individual alone, can make any significant mark on the world, nor shape its future, however when i heard Marc Schwyn speaking about its ethos, vision he had for WEB 3, i knew back then that Cyrator has a global appeal and makes hell of a difference, not to go far let's look at the last 20 years in WEB 3.

In 2009 Bitcoin introduced the world to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, revolutionizing the financial industry and paving the way for decentralized digital currencies becoming the God Father of the industry

In 2015 Ethereum expanded the capabilities of blockchain technology by introducing smart contracts, enabling the development of decentralized applications (DApps), and fueling the growth of the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

In 2016 Brave Software Browser pushed the agenda of a privacy-focused web browser that blocks ads and trackers by default and allows users to earn cryptocurrency by opting into privacy-respecting ads. I personally use it everyday, and simply enjoy the experience.

In 2017 Chainlink Labs developed a decentralized oracle network that connects smart contracts with real-world data, enabling the execution of smart contracts based on off-chain information.

The examples are endless.

But each one is driven by a team, a shared vision and a community, and Cyrator is doomed to have identical impact just like above given projects.

An independence in research, review and ratings.

Cyrator is an open, decentralized and secure knowledge-sharing platform that provides a clear and accountable overview of the cryptocurrency industry.

It ranks projects based on community-driven reviews of key factors such as technology, team, progress, tokenomics and more. Powered by a sustainable token model that rewards skilled analysts.

Cyrator's mission is to help people identify and support the best cryptocurrency projects, avoid bad investments, and rebuild the public's confidence in the industry.

Anyone can become an analyst as long as they are willing to learn, interact and engage with a community, to learn how to become an analyst click here.

One more thing…

Web3 Women Space and its commander in chief Maria Voskanyan are welcoming Cyrator for AMA session.

This is an incredible opportunity for both communities to directly interact with the Cyrator higher-ups and discuss how the platform is set to disrupt decentralized research , encourage community knowledge sharing and educate both degens and investors about trends, developments and collective intelligence.

AMA will be on Youtube here

Interested in joining the revolution? Click here

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